Patch Notes:

  • BY Admin

New Features

- Different spawn points for the player have been added.

- Floating damage text has been added.

Bug Fixes

- Typos.

- Flying foliage has been fixed.

- Cursor is now working on Menus.

- Skill upgrade buff has been fixed.

- Health upgrade buff has been fixed.

- Pause Menu crash has been fixed.

- Enemies will no longer get stuck at the right side of the pier.

- Enemies can now recover from the slow effect of Molten Trap rune.

- Enemies can now recover from the burning effect of Ignite rune.

- More Booms rune bug has been fixed.

Performance Updates

- Code rework has been done to increase performance.

UI Updates

- Health and Breath values on UI are switched to integers to prevent rational numbers.


- Score formula has been re-added. Slain enemies will give higher points to higher profile levels.

- Using a skill while dashing is now prevented.